About Us

As with so many great ideas, HomeShield Direct came about by a simple conversation. A father and his two daughters were chatting over dinner and as usual the conversation turned to talking about each other’s day. One of the daughters was working for a major supplier of appliance care and thought together they could offer a better service than what was currently out there. So, she convinced her Dad there was a gap in the market for reliable, affordable protection plans and a repair service.

So they began to undertake their own research, and dedicated a year of their lives to learning everything they could about the industry, picking the brains of anyone and everyone they could find, from customers and repairmen to the appliance manufacturers themselves.

It soon became clear that people all over Britain were in need of reliable, affordable protection plans and repair services, but couldn't find a company that offered them. And so the paperwork was filed, and in May of 2016 HomeShield Direct Limited was officially founded in beautiful Brighton, where we now employ close to a hundred people across two offices.